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    Post Graduate studies in Physics were started in the year 2011. Presently, the total in take of students for M.Sc., Physics is 20  under normal category and 5 seats under enhanced fees.


    To make the Department of Physics under the umbrella of Rani Channamma University, the most preferred center of higher education in the areas of Condensed Matter Physics, Electronics, Spectroscopy and Nuclear Physics.

    Goals & Objectives of the Department:

    To create an opportunity for meaningful learning in the areas of Physics for the students in the region.

    To develop the human capital from this region to contribute to the growth of Science and Technology.

    To develop world class teaching and laboratory facilities for training students for higher education and job opportunity.

    To develop a center of research and higher education for social development of the region.

    To carry out research in the interdisciplinary areas in collaboration with other departments under the university, other institutions of higher learning & research and industry. 


                  Balachandra . G .Hegde,

                  M.Sc., Ph.D ,Professor & Chairman

                  Off. No.: 0832




    The department of Physics was started in the academic year 2011 -2012 with an intake of 20. This department was started with an intension to strengthen the science education in the northern part of Karnataka.

    The First Vice Chancellor of Rani Channamma University, Prof. B. R. Ananthan who is instrumental in starting this department as a part of School of Sciences. He has ensured the induction of meritorious faculty with an idea of developing this department in different areas of Physics like Condensed Matter Physics, Electronics, Spectroscopy and Nuclear and Particle Physics.

    Best Practices:

    1) Initiation of interdisciplinary research through externally funded research grant.

    2) Initiation of student project through externally funded research grant.

    3) Seminars by students in the current areas of research.

    4) Guest lecturers from researchers in the field of Physics.

    Area of Research:

    Condensed matter Physics.



    Nuclear and Particle Physics.

  • Research Activities:

    • Microwave properties of polymers and polar liquids. Spectroscopy, digital signal processing and spin glasses. Education and research.

    • Condensed Matter Physics: Study of charge ordering effects in monodisperse manganite nano particles using Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectroscopy. Structural studies of membrane bound proteins using ESR spectroscopy. Development of instrumentation for i. conductivity measurements at low temperature and high temperatures. Ii. contactless conductivity and susceptibility measurements. iii. Instruments to measure magnetic properties of magnetic nano particles.

    • Major research project on “Empowerment of Dalit women through Political Participation and Education – A study in Karnataka State Rural Districts” (PI: Dr. Ramesh M.N.) Amount sanctioned 5,60,000 from ICSSR New Delhi.
    • Study of polaron hopping of ions in conducting glasses, dielectric studies. Doped ZnO thin films for sensor applications. Conductivity measurements at low temperature and high temperatures in thin films and glasses.

    • Experimental Nuclear structure: Study of high spin states of exotic nuclei populated using heavy-ion reactions using the heavy ion beam from the Pelletron accelerator. Measurement of excitation energy of excited states of nuclei, spin and parity assignments and  measurement of lifetimes of excited states.  Energies of the -rays de-exciting from the higher excited states of the nuclei was done using the HPGe clover detectors. Theoretical calculations such as Particle rotor model (PRM) and Total Routhian surface (TRS), were performed to assign the particle configuration to different bands, of the nuclei of interest.

    Joint Research Activities:

    • IISc Bangalore
    • JNCASR Bangalore

    • Zilkha Institute of Neuroscience, University of    Southern California, Los Angeles,   California, USA.

    •  Dept.of. Biotechnology, IIT Guwahati, Assam.
    •  KLE Tech. University Hubli.

     On Going Projects:


    Sl No.Name Of The FacaultyTitle of the ProjectFunding AgencyAmountDuration

    Prof. N H Ayachit

    Co-Ordinator at KLE Tech Univ, Hubli 

    FET Sensor VGST KFIST L1 --- 2Years

    Dr. B G Hegde

    2014-15 Ongoing

    Monodisperse Manganite Nano Particle Synthesis And Charecterization by Contactless conductivity And Suspectibility Mesaurments

    VGST KFIST L1 20Lakhs 2Years

    Dr. B G Hegde

    2014-15 Ongoing

    Investigations into structural organization and curvature-dependent membrane binding of alpha-synuclein

    NE Twinning 25Lakhs 3Years
  • Conferences/Workshop organized:

    Sl No.Conferences/WorkshopsDate
    01 National Seminar on Nuclear Sciences & Indian Nuclear Energy Programme 28,29 Nov 2014
    02 Science Day Celebration with one day seminar 29 Feb 2016
    03 Curriculum Design: Outcome Based Educational Model 06 Apr 2016

    Co curricular Activities:

    • Raman Physics Association – Student forum.
    • Alumni Association.
    • Study tour to Research Institutions

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