Kantharaju. K,
                         M.Sc., Ph.D, Chairman & Associate Professor
                          E-mail: kantha77@gmail.com, kk@rcub.ac.in

    The Department of Chemistry is one of the early established departments within the School of Basic Sciences of Rani Channamma University. Department of Chemistry at Rani Channamma University has established in 2012 to train young minds in chemistry. Until March 2017, a total of approximately 120 students have graduated from our department, each of them playing an active role in various fields. Initially, the department was running at BK college, Belgaum as Prof. K. S. Rane as a coordinator. In 2014, Department was moved to the main campus, vidyasangama and basic infrastructure was established. The 6 faculty members of the department work with great enthusiasm in research and education, in order to develop talented people able to cope with future challenges. With “chemistry” as its main keyword, the Department of Chemistry covers a wide area of research fields, such as chemical biology, polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, materials & nano chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry and environmental chemistry, among others. During their 4th Semester, students become members of a research laboratory where they perform their post-graduation research. Focus is set on experimental work, with the goal to form researchers with a combination of knowledge and wisdom that is useful for their future work in the everyday world. Recently DST-FIST Govt. of India sanctioned a funds for the development of research activity & Chemistry lab.

    Living in the midst of such a beautiful natural environment, students enjoy events such as sports festivals in the winter. Students and faculty are united in their efforts to search for the truth and are truly imbued with the frontier spirit.


    Department of Chemistry shall strive to become a trusted destination for quality services in teaching and promoting research in basic and applied sciences to provide high quality value based Postgraduate education and research to meet the regional and global challenges.


    Department of Chemistry is committed

    • Foster creativity in teaching learning and research of basic and applied sciences to build a knowledge base and promote quality initiatives.
    • To make Chemistry education attractive and accessible.
    • To enhance, enrich and empower scientific knowledge to meet the social needs.


    • Providing qualitative education and personality enhancement to utilize opportunities offered by the times, at a global level.
    • Ensuring gender justice and religious harmony.
    • Imparting education that is functionally useful, socially relevant and morally to meet the challenging demands of the present society.


    M.Sc & Ph.D


    Duration: 2 Year (4 Semesters)

    Number of Seats: 40 Seats.

    Eligibility: B.Sc. degree with Chemistry as one of the option subject.


    Sl No.PapersTeaching h/weekExam, hoursMarks
    Exam IA Total
    I Sem
    1 CHIT 1.1: Inorganic Chem-I 4 3
    80 20 100
    2 CHOT-1.2: Organic Chem-I 4 3
    80 20 100
    3 CHPT-1.3: Physical Chem-I 4 3
    80 20 100
    4 CHGT-1.4: Spectroscopy-I 2 2
    80 20 100
    5 CHES-1.5: Analytical Chem 4 3
    80 20 100
    6 CHIPr -1.6: Inorg Chem Lab-I 4 4
    80 20 100
    7 CHOPr-1.7: Org Chem Lab-I 4 4
    80 20 100
    8 CHPPr -1.8: Phy Chem Lab-I 4 3
    80 20 100
    480 120 600
    The above course structure for the following (II, III, IV) semesters remains same except for mentioned substituted subjects
    II-Sem CHEG-2.5: Open Elective [Chemistry for Everyday Life] 4 3
    80 20 100
    III-Sem CHEG-3.5: Open Elective [Environmental Chemistry] 4 3
    80 20 100
    IV-Sem CHGP 4.5: Project Work: 4  
    80 20 100
  • Facualty Details

    Sl No.Name Of The FacaultyPhoto Of The FacaultyDesignationSpecialization & Area of ResearchTeaching ExpPh.D. guided
    01 Prof. B Padmashali M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor Organic Chemistry (Synthetic Organic Chem, Natural product Chem) 19 Years 10 completed (5 working)
    02 Dr. J Manjanna M.Sc., Ph.D. Asso. Professor Inorganic Chemistry (Solid state / Material chemistry, Nanomaterials) 15 Years 02 completed (5 working)
    03 Dr. K Kantharaju M.Sc., Ph.D. Asso. Professor & Chairman (Present) Organic Chemistry (Bioorganic and protein chemistry) 12 Years - (3 working)
    04 Dr. PM Gurubasvaraj M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Germany) Asst. Professor Inorganic Chemistry (Organometallic synthesis, Bio-inorganic Chem) 12 Years -
    05 Dr. M.B.Sridhara M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Asst. Professor Organic Chemistry (Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Bioconjugation of Heterocycles to Amino Acids and Peptides & Bioorganic Peptide Chemistry. 08 Years -
    06 Dr. CC Vidyasagar M.Sc., Ph.D. Asst. Professor Physical Chemistry (Nanostructred Materials Chemistry) 04 Years -
    07 Dr. K.S. Rane M.Sc., Ph.D. UGC Emeritus Professor Inorganic Chemistry Materials & Environmental Chemistry 40 Years -
  • Name of projectFunding AgencyStatusAmount, Rs
    New types of Cobalt Complexes as oxygen scavengers PI: Dr. PM Gurubasavaraj Vision Group on Science & Technology (VGST) Govt of Karnataka VGST-SPiCE Completed 2013-14 30,000/-
    Infrastructure development for investigating the abatement of industrial exhaust gas pollutants and the degradation of organic moiety and mineral salts of effluents Coordinator: Prof. KS Rane VGST-KFIST-Level-II (Phase-1) Completed 2014-15 20,00,000/-
    Low-cost Semiconducting Counter electrode film for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells PI: Dr. CC Vidyasagar VGST-SMYSR Completed 2014-15 4,00,000/-
    Nanocrystalline Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) Embedded with Metal ions for Biomedical Applications PI: Dr. J Manjanna VGST-Spice Completed 2014-15 30,000/-
    Eco-friendly microwave preparation of Cu-ZnO metal oxides for photovoltaic cells PI: Dr. CC Vidyasagar VGST-KFIST- Completed 30,000/-
    Coordinator: Prof. Basavaraj Padmashali Level-II (Phase-2) 2016-17  
    Studies on basic properties of Fe-montmorillonite to clarify the integrity of altered clay minerals in repositories PI: Dr. J Manjanna BRNS/ DAE Mumbai Ongoing 2015-18 30,71,900/-
    Structure-activity relationship and peptidomimetic studies of antimicrobial peptide, Indolicidin. PI: Dr. K Kantharaju UGC-Major Research Project Ongoing 2015-18 6,00,000/-
    A study of Mixed Vegetable Dyes for Dye – Sensitized Solar Cells. PI: DrPM Gurubasavaraj VGST-SMYSR Ongoing 2016-17 6,00,000/-
    Metallopeptidomimetic - Based Coordination Polymers Deposition on Graphite Substrates: Effects of Backbone Chain & Local Surface Structure. PI: Dr. K Kantharaju VGST-SMYSR Ongoing 2016-17 6,00,000/-
    Environmental remediation of polychloro biphenyls (PCBs) using Zero-valent Fe & Cu Nanoparticles. PI: Dr. J Manjanna VGST-TRIP Ongoing 2016-17 40,000/-
    Total 1,01,71,900/-

    • The university of Japan
    • Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan
    • Iwate University, Japan
    • Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Nara, Japan
    • University of Rochester, New York, US
    • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
    • University of Hyderabad
    • Bhabaha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
    • Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam
    • University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    • University of South Africa


    • US Patents                                                  :03
    • Japanese Patent                                          :01
    • Indian Patent                                              :02
    • International Journals                                  :90
    • National Journals                                        :70
    • Paper presented in International Conference  :35
    • Paper presented in National Conference        :200
    • Invited talks by the faculty members             :50


    • Multidisciplinary Research
    • Seminar by students
    • Student Project by External funding
    • Chemical Society
    • Alumni Association
    • Parent Teachers Meet
    • Campus Interview by Industries
    • Annual Industrial/ Technical Tour
    • Internship Training During M.Sc. Project Work
    • Special Lecture Series

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