• About The Department:

    The Department of History is a large vibrant intellectual community. The faculty members, students, staff, and alumni of the Department of History are actively engaged in an enormous range of activities involving research, publishing, teaching, learning, and public outreach.


    Understanding and learning the History of mankind is the guiding principle for the Department. In the modern knowledge based society every citizen enjoys learning History.


    • History taught through formal and organized courses should not limit to participants alone.
    • It should be lifelong learning process to explore the fundamentals of living on earth.
    • The target is to reach all sections of the society through formal and Informal modes of Education to develop knowledge based society to fight social exclusive that has been haunting the Indian civilization throughout History and to promote social justice.


    • To develop knowledge and understanding of human activity in the past.
    • To promote understanding of the present through the development of a historical perspectives on issues of contemporary importance.
    • To develop knowledge and understanding of history.
    • To develop students understanding of historical concepts.
    • To provide students with a perspective of change in a world of change.
    • To develop an awareness of different interpretations of particular historical issues.
    • To develop a range of research skills essential to the study of history.
    • To develop an appreciation of the nature and variety of historical evidence.
    • Students should acquire knowledge and develop understanding of
      • The specific listed elements of topics studied
      • How the actions and experience of previous generations have helped to influence the world of their successors.





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  • Activities of The Department:

    1. Organised Two Days National Seminar.
         Importance and Preservation of Historical Monuments.

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