The Dept. of Marathi was established in the year 1982 in the erstwhile Belgaum P.G. Centre of Karnatak University, Dharwad. Presently, the Department is one of the full-fledged departments in the Rani Channamma University Belagavi. The Dept. of Marathi has five well-qualified faculty who cater to the needs of nearly 60 students pursuing their M.A. and Ph. D. programmes. The Dept. of Marathi have a upgraded and job-oriented syllabus for M.A. degree to enable the students to excel in their chosen areas of interest such as Journalism, Radio-Television, Advertisement, Translation, Creative writing, Publication business, etc. The faculty members of the Dept. of Marathi are proud to place on record that some of them are the recipients of various prestigious awards such as GurukulPratisthanAward, Pune, WangmayaCharchaMandal Literary and Research Award, Shri Ganesh Smruti awards Machigad Literature Contribution award,Kadoli, and VruttapatraShrushtiGrouravAward. The faculty members of the Dept. of Marathi have undertaken UGC Major/Minor Projects on comparative research study in the field of Kannada and Marathi Literature and find their Culturally, Linguistic-dialects, Literature similarities and cordial relationship between Karnataka and Maharashtra.Department of Marathi is well-equipped with Library and Computer facilities.


    The vision of the Dept.ofMarathi is to be establish itself as an advanced and model department for comparative research study in the field of Kannada and Marathi Language and Literature. As well as expected to play a leadership role for learning, higher education and comparative research in the north Karnataka, Goa & Western Maharashtra border providing the excellent opportunities for higher Education to the students.


    The Dept. of Marathiserves as a hub for academic programming and always been held high to motivate the students well-versed in communication skills, Translation and writings in both Kannada-Marathi Language and Literature. To produce the well knowledgeable, sincere, good human beingstudents to the society of this border area. To train to the students in the field of creative writing, i.e. Poets, Novelist, criticizer, Dramatist, Story writer, Translator etc. To develop entrepreneurial ability for creation of prosperity for country and peace and happiness for people.



    • Help to prepare a good teacher, writers recognized for quality of their teaching high quality research and service to the society.
    • To provide a leadership in the development of strong relationship between Karnatak and Maharashtra in both language and culture.
    • Enhance the commitment of faculty and students to the unity in diversity, social justice and democratic citizenship.


    • Academic excellence in comparative literature
    • Outstanding teaching and education service
    • Integration of high quality research and publications
    • Individual and collective excellence
    • Equality in diversity and social justice.
  • Associate Professor/chairman

    M.A.,, Ph.D. S.E.T.

    Associate Professor & Chairman

    Mob : 9480539762
    Email : chndrw@rediffmail.com.


    Dr. V.M. GAYAKAWAD M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.


    Dr. M. S. NESARKAR

    Dr. M. S. NESARKAR M.A., Ph.D.,N.E.T.

    Associate Professors

    Dr. M. M. MUTAVALI

    Dr. M. M. MUTAVALI M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., N.E.T.

    Assistant Professors

    Dr. S. K. KAMBLE

    Dr. S. K. KAMBLE M.A., Ph.D., N.E.T., S.E.T.

    Assistant Professors


    • M.A. Entire Marathi ( Two years). The total Intake Capacity for M.A. is 60 students.
    • M.Phil. Programme - The Department has M.Phil. programme since 2006 and so for 6 students have awarded the M.Phil. degree.
    • Ph.D. Programme- The Department of Marathi also has a Ph.D. Programme in accordance with the U.G.C. norms in Marathi. 2 students have awarded the Ph.D. degree, 2 students have submitted and 12 students are working for their Ph.D. degree.


    The Dept. of Marathi is comprised of academic and teaching specialization in comparative Literature, Dalit Literature, Grameen Literature, Translation, Folk- Literature, Humorous Literature and Cultural study. The Dept. of Marathi have upgraded and job-oriented syllabus for M.A. degree to enable the students to excel in their chosen areas of interest such as Journalism, Radio-Television, Advertisement, Translation, Creative writing, Publication business, etc.



    More than 85 Research Articles published by the faculty members.Completed UGC's two major research projects and two minor research projects.

  • UNIQUE FEATURES OF THE DEPARTMENT:The faculty member of the Dept. of Marathi is making a concerted effort in adding value to students quality enhancement, Kannada-Marathi cultural relationship, Literature creativity and over all personality development by organizing Seminars, special Lecture, various departmental functions etc. The Dept.of Marathi is having good network with the reputed literary institutions, Marathi Libraries, Cultural and Language academies enable the department to organize the various conference, sammelan to built-up strong value base among students in this border area of Karnataka.


    • Intake Capacity for M.A.- 60 students.
    • At present students strength- 54 students.
    • M.A. II-31 Students.
    • Male- 07, Female- 24(Sc-01 Male, 02 Female = 03 Students).
    • M.A.IV-23 Students.
    • Male- 03,Female-20(Sc-01 Male)
    • At present 12 students are working for Ph.D., 6 M.Phil. &2 Ph.D. have been awarded two submitted.


    16 Gold Medals bagged by the M.A. Students.


    More than 60 Bookshave been published by the staff members of the Department of Marathi.


    • Department has organized 04 National seminars.
    • Department has organized 11 Poets Meet ( Shravani Kavi Semmelan ).
    • Department has organized 7 Workshops regarding preparation of syllabus etc.


    • Department has organized Marathi conference on the occasion of Marathi Language Day Date.27 Feb,2013.
    • Department has organized a special Lecture on ‘Marathi Language,Literature and Globalization’ by Vijay Ruikarfrom U.S.A. on 05-03-2013
    • Department has organised special lecture on ‘How to Prepare the Competitive Examination’ byMiss. R. Snehal I.A.S. Bangalore.Date.16th MAY-2013
    • Department has organized Special Lecture on ‘AIDS Problems and Solution’ talk given by Smt. NagaratnaRamagowdaMahesh Foundation, Belgaum.
    • Department has organized one day Departmental seminar on ‘Depression and Suicides among the Students for which all the language Department student participated.


    • Uttam Kamble , Nashik
    • Baburao Gaikwad, Dharwad
    • D.R.Killekar, Belgaum
    • Smt. Jyoti Chinchanikar, Jayashingpur
    • Prof. Krishna Kirawale, Kolhapur
    • Prof. Vishwanath K. Shinde,Kolhapur
    • Prof. L.B.Rayamane, Aurangabad
    • Smt. Alka Kubal - Filmstar, Mumbai
    • Prof. Chandrashekhar Jahagirdar, Kolhapur
    • Vijay Ruikar U.S.A
    • Miss. R. Snehal I.A.S., Bangalore
    • Dr. Amrut Yardi, Dharwad
    • Prof. Sandhya Deshapande, Belgaum
    • Mahadev More, Nipani
    • Bhimarao Gasti, Belgaum
    • Prof.Achutrao Mane, Nipani


    • To establish
    • Translation Academy
    • Diploma in Editing Arts.
    • Competitive Examinations Guidance Academy
    • Certificate course in Marathi
    • Diploma in Marathi for Non- Marathi People
    • Diploma in Script-Writing.


    Dr. Chandrakant N. Waghamare Chairman, Dept. of Marathi Rani Channamma University, N.H.-4 , Vidyasangam, Belagavi-591156 Karnatak- India. Mob. 09480539762 Email- chndrw @ rediffmail. com.

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