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About University Library :
The University Library came into existence with the establishment of the Rani Channamma University on 9th September 2010. Till then it was functioning as a Karnatak University, Kittur Rani Channamma Post-Graduate Centre Library. In the midst of its excellent setup of academic activities, the library acts as a nerve centre catering to the academic and research needs of the students, the researchers and the faculty members of post-graduate departments, covering Science, Social Science, and Humanities, engaged in higher pursuit of knowledge.
This Library functions as an integral part of the university. The objectives of the University Library are
 To develop a thorough and up to date collection of books, reports and other non-book material in the disciplines educated and research in the University.
 To compose the traditional and nontraditional information sources in a deliberate way, so as to give an effective and prompt support of the users.
 To recognize the different needs of our users.
 To develop and manage information resources.
 To work with users in order to ‘get things right’.
 To improve our physical and online learning environments.
 Provide library materials and databases that support the academic curriculum.

Membership Details and Borrowing Privileges:
All the students, the researchers, the faculty members and the employees of the University are eligible for the membership of the Library. The registered members are issued Borrower's Ticket corresponding to their entitlement. Rani Channamma University Library is initiated in issuing bar-coded library identity cards for all its members. The entitlements, in terms of the number of books that can be borrowed by the members, are as follows
Category of Members & No. of Tickets issued
Professors: 15
Associate Professors: 10
Assistant Professors: 10
Research Students: 02
Students: 02
Non Teaching Staff: 01