Dr.B. R. Bagade
Chairman Dept. of Geography


      In order to lessen the pressure at the main campus Dharwad, the P. G. Centre at Belgaum considering its cultural, commercial, industrial and educational background, Kittur Rani Channamma P. G. Centre came in to existence in June 1982 as an offshoot of the Karnatak University Dharwad.
With the introduction of Geography in many colleges, there was a growing demand for post-Graduate Studies and Research in Geography. Dr. D. M. Nanjunndappa, Former Vice Chancellor, Karnatak University Dharwad was instrumental in starting a Post Graduate Studies in Geography at Belgaum in 1982. The Department of Studies in Geography has initially attached to the Department of Geography of the Rani Pravathi Devi College Belgaum, as it had well equipped laboratories as well as qualified staff, later it was shifted to Karnatak University, Kittur Rani Channamma Post Graduate Centre Belgaum
The P. G. Centre of the Karnatak University Belgaum after 28 years of its inception has become the independent university got status as Rani Channamma University BelagaviandDr.B.R.Ananthan took charge as the first Vice-Chancellor of the new university. At present, Prof. M. Ramachandragowda, is leading as Vice-Chancellor of our university.


Vision of the Department of Geography is to understand physic-cultural forms, processes and structures in different complex environmental systems on the surface of the mysterious mother earth and thereby empowering and enriching students with skills in decision making and planning for human welfare.

Goals & Objectives of the Department:

The following objectives have been kept in view, while designing the M. Sc. degree and Ph.D. Programmes in Geography.
• To provide a fundamental of spatial information of the earth surface.
• Active promotion of the study and Research activities in different branches of Geography.
• Programmes aimed at raising the geographical awareness among the masses for application of this knowledge to sort out their day-to-day problems.
• Sensitizing the general public regarding proper use, re-use, conservation and preservation of natural and human recourses with sustainable approach.
• Development of strong Co-ordination among the different branches of the discipline to have better interaction with other disciplines.
• To arrange the seminars, workshops, training programmers etc for college teachers and members of the Geography Association from the different sectors of intellectual Indian society.
• Organizing the professional tours for the M.Sc students on an annual basis.