Dr.Manisha S. Nesarkar
Chairman Dept. of Marathi


      The Dept. of Studies and Research in Marathi was established in the year 1982 in the erstwhile Belgaum P.G. Centre of Karnatak University, Dharwad. Presently, the Department is one of the full-fledged departments in the Rani Channamma University, Belagavi. The Dept. of Marathi has five well-qualified faculty members. The faculty members of the Dept. of Marathi are proud to place on record that some of them are the recipients of various prestigious awards such as GurukulPratishtan award, Pune, WangmayaCharchaMandal Literary and Research Award, Shri. Ganesh Smruti Award, Machigad Literature Contribution award, Kadoli and VruttapatraShrusthiGourav Award. The Department is well-equipped with library and Computer facilities.

The Vision Statement :

The Vision of the Dept. of Studies and Research in Marathi is to establish itself as an advanced and model department for comparative research study in the field of Kannada and Marathi language and literature. As well as expected to play a leadership role for learning, higher education and comparative research in North Karnataka, Goa & Western Maharashtra border providing the excellent opportunities for higher education to the students.

The Mission Statement :

The Dept. of Studies and Research in Marathi serves as a hub for academic programmes and always been held high to motivate the students well-versed in Communication Skills, Translation and Writings in both Kannada-Marathi Language and Literature. To produce the well knowledgeable, sincere, good humanitarian students to the society of this border area. To train the students in the field of Literature, i. e. as a poet, Novelist, Critic, Dramatist, Story Writer, Translator etc. To develop Entrepreneurial Ability for the prosperity of country and peace and happiness for people.

Goals :

• Help to produce a good teacher, writers recognized for quality of their teaching, high quality research and service to the society.
• To provide a leadership in the development of strong relationship between Karnatak and Maharashtra in both language and culture.
• Enhance the commitment of faculty and students towards unity in diversity, social justice and democratic citizenship.

Values :

• Improve the teaching learning environment that will foster character building through the incorporation of basic Universal human values like Patriotism, Truth, Right conduct, Peace, Love & Non-Violence.