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DISCLAIMER:The e-Learning portal has been built to provide e-resources for the students of Rani Channamma University, Belagavi. The Content will be available on this portal for both UG and PG students of the University select your stream and find the e-content uploaded by the concern faculty members to the respective Department.

"HONORABLE VICE-CHANCELLORS ADVICE" With the advent of Internet and world wide web (www), the access to information has become very easy and the entire world is moving towards digitization. The emerging trend all over the world is towards more individualized and flexible forms of learning with an emphasis on the individual learning. The National Policy on Education (1986) has emphasized the application of Educational Technology to improve the Quality of Education at all levels. It has also laid a special emphasis on using computers in the teaching learning process. The rapid development in the computer technology, together with the use of computers by the teachers, paved the way for the introduction of computers in teaching and learning. With the advancement of technology, the computer has become more user friendly, so the teachers can attempt to develop E-content.
Educators must understand that the use of digital content and devices will improve teaching and learning and thus enhance educational opportunities and benefit the Millennial. This course on E-content development is meant to understand the meaning and standards of E-content, learning objects, designing and development of digital resources for teaching and learning. Thus this course aims in providing the knowledge and skill for teachers to cater to present day learners and their learning styles.